The renowned Swedish scholar Karl Reinhold Haellquist passed away in 2000. He was a historian specialised on South Asia and worked for more many years at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) in Copenhagen. His wife Inger has donated 5,000 volumes from his private library to form a Memorial Collection at Lund University’s Asian Library.
Read an obituary written by Staffan Lindberg and Lars Eklund after K R Haellquist’s demise (in Swedish only,
as a pdf-file)

Karl Reinhold Haellquist Memorial Collection
at the Asian Library, Centre for
East and South East Asian Studies, Lund University:

Selected volumes among the 5 000 volumes donated by Inger Sondén-Haellquist, kept at Asienbiblioteket (ground floor, Alfa 1 building, Ideon Research Village, Scheelevägen 15, Lund):

• Aziz, Khursheed Kamal: The historical background of Pakistan, 1857-1947: an annotated digest of source material
• Ahmad, Aziz: An intellectual history of Islam in India.
• Islam, politics, and society in South Asia / editor, André Wink
• Chaudhuri, Nirad C: Hinduism, a religion to live by.
• Richards, Glyn (ed): A source-book of modern hinduism
• A Source book in Indian philosophy / ed. by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Charles A. Moore
• Sarkar, Kobita: Indian cinema today : an analysis
• Allchin, Raymond & Bridget: The rise of civilization in India and Pakistan
• Sen Gupta, Bhabani: Afghanistan : politics, economics and society : revolution, resistance, intervention
• Tate, George Passman: The Kingdom of Afghanistan: a historical sketch, by G. P. Tate. With an introductory note by Sir Henry Mortimer Durand
• Afghanistan in crisis/ed. by K.P. Misra
• Nayar, Kuldip: Report on Afghanistan
• Kulke, Hermann and Rothermund, Dietmar: A history of India
• Keay, John: India – a history
• Wolpert, Stanley A.: India
• Low, D. A. (Donald Anthony): Soundings in modern South Asian history
• Historians of India, Pakistan and Ceylon/ed. by C. H. Philips
• Essays in modern Indian history/ed. by B.R. Nanda
• Essays on Gandhian politics: the Rowlatt Satyagraha of 1919/ed. by R. Kumar
• Hutchins, Francis G: The illusion of permanence: British imperialism in India
• Chand, Tara: History of the freedom movement in India
• Chand, Tara: History of the freedom movement in India
• Barua, Tushar Kanti: Political elite in Bangladesh: a socio-anthropological and historical analysis of the processes of their formation
• Das, Durga: India from Curzon to Nehru & after; with a foreword by Zakir Hussain
• Brown, Judith M.: Modern India : the origins of an Asian democracy
• Chandra, Bipan: India's struggle for independence 1857-1947
• Chakravarty, Suhash: Anatomy of the Raj: Russian consular reports
• Jackson, Robert. South Asian crisis: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
• Tinker, Hugh: South Asia: a short history
• Ashton, S.R.: British policy towards the Indian states : 1905-1939
• Brown, W. Norman. The United States and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.
• Hodson, Henry Vincent: The great divide: Britain – India – Pakistan
• International congress of Orientalists (29 : Paris: 1973): Inde moderne: actes du XXIXe congrès international des orientalistes, Paris, juillet 1973 / section organisée par Daniel Thorner
• Gupta, Sisir: Kashmir: a study in India-Pakistan relations
• Nilakanta Sastri, K. A. (Kallidaikurichi Aiyah) 1892-1975
South India and South-East Asia: studies in their history and culture
• Owen, Hugh: The Indian nationalist movement, c. 1912-22: leadership, organisation, and philosophy: the writings of Hugh Owen.
• Lamb, Alastair: Incomplete partition: the genesis of the Kashmir dispute 1947-1948
• Roberts, Michael: Caste conflict and elite formation: the rise of a Karava elite in Sri Lanka 1500-1931
• Chatterji, Bhola: Indo-British cultural confrontation: Gooroodass Banerjee and his times
• Chattopadhyay, Kamaladevi, Inner recesses, outer spaces: memoirs
• India: cultural patterns and processes/edited by Allen G. Noble and Ashok K. Dutt
• Elphinstone, Mountstuart, 1779-1859: An account of the kingdom of Caubul; with a new introduction by Sir Olaf Caroe
• Fürer-Haimendorf, Christoph von: Himalayan traders : life in highland Nepal
• Gupta, Giri Raj: Marriage, religion and society : pattern of change in an Indian village
• Béteille, André: Caste, class, and power: changing patterns of stratification in a Tanjore village
• India's villages/ed. by M.N. Srinivas
• Tribe, caste and religion in India / edited by Romesh Thapar
• Srinivas, Mysore Narasimhachar: The remembered village
• Nair, Thakappan P.: Marriage and dowry in India
• Masson, Charles, 1800-1853: Narrative of various journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan, and the Panjab
• The Cambridge encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives / editor Francis Robinson
• Dumont, Louis: Religion, politics and history in India : Collected papers in Indian sociology
• Mayer, Adrian C.: Caste and kinship in Central India : a village and its region
• Sharma, Ursula: Rampal and his family : [The story of an immigrant.]
• Freeman, James M.: Untouchable : an Indian life history
• Lynch, Owen M.: The politics of untouchability : social mobility and social change in a city of India
• Dube, Shyama Charan: India's changing villages : human factors in community development
• Dube, Shyama Charan: Indian village.
• Srinivas, Mysore Narasimhachar: Social change in modern India
• Mandelbaum, David G.: Society in India
• Gender, caste, and power in South Asia : social status and mobility in a transitional society / editor, John P. Neelsen.
• Skar, Harald O. & Cederroth, Sven: Development aid to Nepal: issues and options in energy, health, education, democracy and human rights
• Radical politics in South Asia/ed. by Paul R. Brass and Marcus F. Franda
• Mumtaz Ahmad: Bureaucracy and political development in
• Shafqat, Saeed: Political system of Pakistan and public policy : essays in interpretation
• Shaha, Rishikesh: Politics in Nepal 1980-1990 : referendum, stalemate and triumph of people power
• Rosen, George: Democracy and economic change in India.
• Appadorai, Angadipuram, 1902-1990: Indian political thinking in the twentieth century: an introductory survey
• Hanson, A. H. (Albert Henry), & Douglas, Janet: India's democracy
• Bhambhir, Chandra Prakash: Indian politics since independence
• Kumar, Pramod: Punjab crisis: context and trends
• Basu, Durga Das,: Introduction to the Constitution of India
• Women in contemporary India: traditional images and changing roles / ed. by Alfred de Souza
• Basu, Aparna & Ray, Bharati: Women's struggle : a history of the All India Women's Conference, 1927-1990
• Women's studies in India: some perspectives / edited by Maithreyi Krishna Raj
Usha, Bala & Sharma, Anshu: Indian women freedom fighters, 1857-1947
• The Extended family : women and political participation in India and Pakistan / edited by Gail Minault
• Basu, Amrita: Two faces of protest: contrasting modes of women's activism in India
• Lakha, Salim.: Capitalism and class in colonial India : the case of Ahmedabad /
• Regional disparities in India : rural and industrial dimensions / edited by Dietmar Rothermund and Suranjit K. Saha.
• Khan, Azizur Rahman: The economy of Bangladesh.
• Rosen, George: Industrial change in India: industrial growth, capital requirements, and technological change,1937-1955
• Qureshi, Anwar Iqbal: Economic history of Pakistan
• Anantha Murthy, U. R.,: Samskara: a rite for a dead man / translation into English by A. K. Ramanujan
• Roy, Arundhati,: The god of small things
• Looney, Robert E.: The Pakistani economy: economic growth and structural reform
• Martinussen, John: Society, state and market: a guide to competing theories of development
• Shiva, Vandana: Water wars : privatization, pollution and profit
• The politics of social transformation in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan / edited by Myron Weiner and Ali Banuazizi
• Oldenburg, Veena Talwar: Dowry murder: the imperial origins of a cultural crime
• Nanda, Meera: Prophets facing backward: postmodern critiques of science and Hindu nationalism in India
• Loomba, Ania: Colonialism/postcolonialism
• De Mel, Neloufer: Women & the nation's narrative: gender and nationalism in twentieth century Sri Lanka
• Chatterjee, Partha: The nation and its fragments: colonial and postcolonial histories

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