PhD candidate Rupesh Kumar along with Ylva Fällman, Head of the Dept. of Human Work Sciences, and Prof. Dennis Pettersson, Division of Industrial Design.

Division of Industrial Design, Department of Human Work Sciences; Luleå University of Technology

Postal address: Institutionen för Arbetsvetenskap/Industriell Design, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, SE-971 87 Luleå
Visiting address: Entrance F11, Regnbågsallén, Universitetsområdet, Porsön
Web page: http://www.ltu.se/arb/d1691/d1752?l=en

Contact person: Professor Dennis Pettersson, phone +46 (0)920 49 16 66

Industrial Design is a new field of research and education at Luleå University of Technology. The division started in 1997. Courses in design are held for for master of science students and for bachelor of science students. Courses are also held for students in mechanical engineering and other programmes. The research at the division deals with design technology, modern design tools and the design process.

South Asia related research and education:

Dr. Rupesh Kumar has, already from the time he was a PhD candidate at the department, been very active in initiating new research projects connected to India, and establishing a network on Ergonomics between Luleå University and South Asian countries. Rupesh Kumar defended his doctoral dissertation titled "Ergonomic evaluation and design of tools in cleaning occupation" on Wednesday 7 June 2006. It deals with how to Integrate ergonomics principles in design and development of cleaning tools and cleaning process. Faculty opponent was Dr. Lena Sperling, Lund University.
Already in 2001 Kumar presented a paper on the issue, titled ”Development of an ergonomic cleaning tool and its evaluation”, that he presented at the International Congress on Humanizing Work and Work Environment, held at ITT Bombay, India.

Kumar is also much engaged in a collaborative educational project with Pakistan. In the Summer 2004 he tought Ergonomics at a summer course at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Islamabad, Pakistan (see photo to the right). The course was arranged in order to enhance further cooperation between Luleå University and Fatima Jinnah University, and the trip to Pakistan were sponsored by the Swedish Institute. The ambition is to establish a Masters programme in Ergonomics at Fatima Jinnah University in cooperation with Luleå University. A delegation from Pakistan visited Luleå University in June 2006, in order to finalise this initiative.
Related to this a prominent personality in Ergonomics in Pakistan, Dr. Shrawan Kumar, came to Luleå University, and he gave lectures about Neck motor control in whiplash, and musculoskeletal injuries and its causation. He also lectured at the National Institute for Working Life (NIWL) in Stockholm; and at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation at Umeå University.

Division of Industrial Ergonomics closed down in 2003

Till March 2003 the Department of Human Work Sciences also housed a separate Division of Industrial Ergonomics, headed by Professor Houshang Shahnavaz. The division became Internationally renowned because of a successful Masters programme in Industrial Ergonomics attracting students from all over the World during the years 1989–2003. A Center for Ergonomics of Developing Countries (CEDC) was also created (see below).
However, in March 2003 the Division of Industrial Ergonomics (and the Masters programme) closed down after Prof. Shahnavaz also retired. In his research Prof. Shahnavaz was involved in projects on Ergonomics intervention in, and technology transfer to, industrially developing countries.
John Abeysekera was also working at the Division of Industrial Ergonomics. He came to Luleå as a PhD student from Sri Lanka in 1984, and defended his thesis on ”Ergonomic Aspects of Personal Protective Devices in Industrially Developing Countries” in 1989. He supervised several PhD students in the field of cold related issues, until he retired in 2002. Abeysekera also promoted distance education as a means to pursue the ergonomics programme worldwide, that should make it possible for students from e g Sri Lanka to follow the programme while staying in their home country. As a result an online course started in 2002, enrolling 70 students from all over the World.

A Center for Ergonomics of Developing Countries (CEDC), with an objective to establish collaboration with different organizations in Industrial Developing Countries, also existed. The purpose was achieved through exchange of ergonomics information; stimulating awareness of the importance of ergonomics; cross-fertilization of ideas; formulation of proposals for suitable and practical projects; stimulating participation; giving assistance to organizations who wish to set uplaboratories and research units for ergonomics studies; setting up special study courses in ergonomics; organising conferences and seminars; facilitating postgraduate studies in ergonomics at Luleå University of Technology; and promoting exchange of visiting lecturers, researchers and students.
After the Division of Industrial Ergonomics was closed down in 2002 members of the Center for Ergonomics of Developing Countries have started a private consultancy group that continues with CEDC activities in a new form. The CEDC members are former students of Houshang Shahnavaz, or scientists who have been involved in CEDC activities. e years from the M.Sc. program.

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