SASNET Brown Bag Lunch Seminars


Interdisciplinary South Asia Seminars at Lund University, introduced by SASNET in January 2011.
The aim is to present and disseminate eminent South Asia related research carried out
in so many departments at Lund University.

Seminars held on Thursdays 12.00 – 13.00

at Murbeckssalen, Gula Villan
(inside the Botanical Gardens),
Östra Vallgatan 14, Lund

All are invited!

SASNET offers free brown bag lunch to those who wish to have such.
If so, please send an e-mail to Lars Eklund at least a day in advance


Fall semester 2011:

Malin Gregersen Åsa Olle
Malin Gregersen Åsa Ljungh Olle Frödin

15 September: Dr. Malin Gregersen, Department of History
on ”Fostering Obligations: Swedish Medical Missionary
Narratives from South India

13 October: Associate Professor Åsa Ljungh, Section of Medical Microbiology, Department of Laboratory Medicine

10 November: Dr. Olle Frödin, Department of Sociology


Earlier Brown Bag seminars:

18 January 2011: Associate Professor Catarina Kinnwall, Department of Political Science
on ”Religion, Nationalism and Discourses on Terror in South Asia”

19 May 2011: Professor Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Department of Biotechnology
on ”Biotechnology and sustainable development


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