Department of Culture and Communication (IKK), Linköping University

Postal address: Institutionen för kultur och kommunikation (IKK), Linköpings universitet, SE- 581 83 Linköping, Sweden
Visiting address: Campus Valla, Entrance 2, Key Building

Contact person: PhD candidate Alia Amir, phone: +46 (0)13 28 66 54. Personal web page.

Alia Amir is on a foreign scholarship since 2009 for PhD studies from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and is currently working for her Doctorate at the Department of Culture and Communication. Her dissertation project focuses on English as a Second Language classrooms in Swedish schools with an ethnomethodological conversation analytic lens. MacaulyZooming in on the policies actually practiced, maintained and co-constructed in a classroom, her ongoing research sheds light on how the participants actually police each other who are “doing being bilingual”. Her research interests are language in education and bi-/multilingualism in education (including policies and talk-in-interaction).
Her MA thesis in Linköping was entitled “Chronicles of the English Language in Pakistan: A discourse analysis of milestones in the language policy of Pakistan". She compared three policies in Pakistan's history, namely Lord Macaulay's (photo) ”Minute on Indian Education”, 1835, the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973, and Educational policy, 2008. More information about the MA thesis.

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