Culture, Society & Media Production, Department for Studies of Social Change and Culture (ISAK); Linköping University, Campus Norrköping

Postal address: Kultur, Samhälle & Mediegestaltning (KSM), Institutionen för studier av samhällsutveckling och kultur (ISAK), Linköpings universitet, Campus Norrköping, SE-601 74 Norrköping
Visiting address: Spetsen, Kungsgatan 38, plan 5
Web page: http://www.isak.liu.se/ksm?l=sv

Contact person: Senior Lecturer Ingemar Grandin, phone: +46 (0)11 363 164. Personal web page.


Research connected to South Asia:

Dr. Ingemar Grandin defended his doctoral dissertation on ”Music and Media in Local Life. Music practice in a Newar neighbourhood in Nepal” at the Dept. of Communication Studies at Linköping University in 1989. The thesis was based on field work carried out during the late 1980’s when he was staying for several years in the town of Kirtipur in the Kathmandu valley. At the time he was affiliated to the Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, CNAS, at Tribhuvan University.
Dr. Grandin returned to Nepal in 1993 and stayed in the country for five years. During this time he was connected to the Nepal Studies Group at the Centre for Social Research and Development, that published a magazine called ”Studies in Nepali History and Society” (SINHAS) from 1996 to 2002. Go for the web page of SINHAS.
Later, Ingemar Grandin has been involved in a research project on ”Music as an Invisible Popular Movement: An Anthropological Study of the Informal (Non-commercial) Musical Life in Contemporary Sweden”, financed by the Swedish Research Council.
At Linköping University, Ingemar Grandin has been the Director of the KSM four/three-year academic program, and responsible for the planning and development of the unit starting in 1996. He has been teaching at KSM continuously since 1997. He is now also affiliated to the Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (Ceifo), an inter-disciplinary research unit at Stockholm University. new
Previously, he has worked as senior lecturer at the Dept. of Communication Studies, and been Deputy Head of Division, Tema Q – Tema Kultur och samhälle (Cultural Studies), also part of the Department for Studies of Social Change and Culture (ISAK).
Besides, he has been engaged as a music producer for the Swedish Radio Broadcasting (Musikradion, Sveriges Radio).

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