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Anna RunessonContact person: PhD candidate Anna Runesson

Ongoing research connected to South Asia:

PhD candidate Anna Runesson is working on a dissertation project titled ”Exegesis in the Making: The Theoretical Location and Contribution of Postcolonial New Testament Studies”. She is currently living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (working as rector of the Swedish Lutheran Church in Toronto), but defended her Licentiate thesis at Lund University in 2007.
The main purpose of the thesis is to investigate the theoretical location and function of New Testament Exegesis in a postcolonial world. The study analyses postcolonial critique of Western exegesis (especially the critique of historical-critical methods). It then proceeds to investigate how scholars working in a non-Western postcolonial context perceive of their task as exegetes and how they relate to postcolonial theories produced by scholars working in the West. The second half of the thesis is based on fieldwork done at two theological colleges in Bangalore, India.
In November 2010, BRILL publishers will publish a new book by Anna Runesson. The volume is entitled ”Exegesis in the Making. Postcolonialism and New Testament Studies”. More information. new

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