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Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), is a non-profit research organization with approximately 100 researchers. The main office is situated in Kista outside Stockholm with smaller offices in Uppsala, Göteborg, and Västerås. The mission of SICS is to contribute to the competitive strength of industry by conducting advanced research in strategic areas of computer science, and to actively promote the use of new research ideas and results in industry and in society at large. SICS collaborates with both large and small companies - in Sweden and internationally. SICS research activities create value for industry and society in many different ways, including people mobility, research projects, scientific dissemination, and spin-off companies.

SICS has about 100 employed researchers, plus 20 Master Thesis students. Senior researchers have great opportunities to develop their own areas of interest, being responsible for the funding of their own projects and typically lead research groups or laboratories at SICS. 42 of SICS senior researchers are PhDs, five of them share their time as professors at KTH or Stockholm University. 25% of SICS researchers are PhD students at Swedish or international universities. They are employed by SICS and conduct their research in SICS funded projects. Every year SICS attracts guest researchers and post docs from universities from all over the World.

South Asia related research

After the Indo-Swedish MoU on science and technology, signed in December 2005, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, VINNOVA, has been given the task to develop applied research projects in Biotechnology, and Information and
Communication Technology (ICT), especially within the fields of E-health and E-governance, with participation of both Indian and Swedish researchers and private companies.
In April 2007, VINNOVA asked SICS to help organize the Indo-Swedish research collaboration within the field of E-health, with a special focus on Image Analysis and Vizualisation. The project is led by Dr. Staffan Truvé, with a background from Chalmers Institute of Technology and the School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborg University. He has also for many years worked for different IT and research enterprises, and established the Interactive Institute and the Victoria Institute, institutions closely associated to SICS.
Another key person at SICS involved in the project is Carlo Pompili. He is in charge of Business Development.

Just before the Summer 2007, two representatives from India visited Sweden to meet potential collaborative partners within the relevant fields. One of them was the Research Director for the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, C-DAC, one of India’s leading IT research institutes. SITC had got a mission from Vinnova to prepare and coordinate the visit, and they would also assist in coordinating a planned workshop during the Fall 2007. The ambition was that the project should get started during 2008.

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