Sida grants to South Asia related projects in November 2008:

Sida's Developing Country Research Council (U-landsforskningsrådet) supports Swedish developing country research. The aim is to establish and maintain a knowledge base of relevance to aid and development issues, plus capacity for developing country research in Sweden. Individual researchers or groups of researchers working at universities/colleges or other research institutions in Sweden have been able to apply for a grant. Swedish citizens working at the Scandinavian Institute for Asian Studies (Nordiska Asieninstitutet, NIAS) in Copenhagen have also had the opportunity.
This year only one year of funding (2009) was awarded for research and post-doctoral projects. Funding for continued support to ongoing PhD projects is however up to 2 years and for Network projects up to 3 years.

On Friday 21 November 2008, grants were distributed to a large number of projects, out of which several were related to South Asia:

Göteborg University:

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Institute of Biomedicine at Sahlgrenska Academy
Researcher: Dr. Matilda Nicklasson
Research Project: Molecular epidemiology of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) in the context of virulence, patient group, spread, and seasonality in Bangladesh.
Area: Bangladesh
Funding: SEK 600 000 for one year

Division of Peace and Development Studies (PADRIGU), School of Global Studies
Researcher: Professor Camilla Orjuela
Research Project: Corruption and Conflict: Connections and Everyday Consequences in Sri Lanka
Area: Sri Lanka
Funding: SEK 750 000 for one year

More information about Dr. Orjuela’s project, that was given a SASNET planning grant earlier in 2008.

Karolinska Institutet Medical University, Stockholm

Division of Metals & Health, Institute of Environmental Medicine
Researcher: Professor Marie Vahter
Research Project: Assessment of exposure to organochlorine pesticides during early life in Bangladesh using probabilistic modelling techniques
Area: Bangladesh
Funding: SEK 500 000 for one year

Dept. of Public Health Sciences, Division of International health (IHCAR)
Researcher: Professor Vinod Diwan
Research Project: A randomized controlled trial: Improving adherence to Anti Retroviral Treatment in South India
Area: India
Funding: SEK 400 000 for one year

Lund University

Division of Social Medicine and Global Health, Department of Health Sciences (in Malmö)
Researcher: Professor Stig Larsson
Project: The role of assistive technology among people with disabilities in the south: Poverty alleviation and human rights in Bangladesh
Area: Bangladesh
Funding: SEK 1 000 000 for a two years extension of the project.

Division of Water Resources Engineering, School of Civil Engineering
Researcher: Dr. Magnus Larsson
Project: Morphodynamics of Coastal Inlets in Sri Lanka: Physical Properties and Governing Processes
Area: Sri Lanka
Funding: SEK 450 000 for a one year extension of the project.

Stockholm University

Plant Physiology, Dept. of Botany
Researcher: Professor Sylvia Lindberg
Project: Salinity stress and crop responses – physiological and molecular processes in rice
Area: India
Funding: SEK 500 000 for a one year extension of the project.

More information about the project.

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