Sida grants to South Asia related projects in November 2006:

Sida's Developing Country Research Council (U-landsforskningsrådet) supports Swedish developing country research. The aim is to establish and maintain a knowledge base of relevance to aid and development issues, plus capacity for developing country research in Sweden. Individual researchers or groups of researchers working at universities/colleges or other research institutions in Sweden may apply for a grant. Swedish citizens working at the Scandinavian Institute for Asian Studies (Nordiska Asieninstitutet, NIAS) in Copenhagen may also apply. More information.

In November 2006 grants were distributed to a large number of projects, out of which quite a large number were related to South Asia:

Göteborg University:

Marine Botany, Department of Marine Ecology
Researcher: Dr. Anna Godhe
Doctorate Project: Interrelation between bacteria and phytoplankton blooms in the Arabian Sea.
Area: India
Funding: SEK 2 340 000 for three years

Division of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Institute of Biomedicine at Sahlgrenska Academy
Researcher: Professor Ann-Mari Svennerholm (project coordinator)
Doctorate Project: Development of an ETEC vaccine for use in infants in development countries. More information.
Area: Bangladesh
Funding: SEK 600 000 for two years (continuation of project from 2006)

Division of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Institute of Biomedicine at Sahlgrenska Academy
Researcher: Professor Jan Holmgren (project coordinator)
Project: Development of an oral vaccine protecting against both O1 and O139 cholera.
Area: Bangladesh
Funding: SEK 1 200 000 for two years

Kristianstad University

Dept. for Mathematics and Natural Science
Researcher: Associate Professor AnnSofi Rehnstam Holm
Research Project: Use of molecular techniques to study the influence of benthic resting stages on the dynamics of harmful algal blooms along the south west coast of India.
Area: India
Funding: SEK 1 197 000 for two years

Religious Studies, Department of Humanities and Social Science
Researcher: Torvald Olsson
Doctorate Project: Health, Gender, and Demography: A SocioCultural study of Mother and Child Healthcare in two Indian states.
Area: India
Funding: SEK 900 000 for three years

Luleå University of Technology:

Division of Mineral Processing, Department of Chemical Engineering and Geosciences
Researchers: Professor Hanumantha Rao
Research Project: Electrostatic Beneficiation of Indian Thermal Coals
Area: India
Funding: SEK 600 000 for one year

Lund University

Department of Economy
Researcher: Associate Professor Alia Ahmad
Research Project/planning grant: The Civil Society and Service Provision in the Health and Education Sector: A Comparative Study of West Bengal, India and Bangladesh.
Area: India and Bangladesh
Funding: SEK 450 000 for one year

Department of Sociology of Law
Researchers: Ass. professor Per Wickenberg
Research Project: Children’s Right to Water: Problems and Prospects of its Effective Realization in India from Gender Perspective.
Area: India
Funding: SEK 1 650 000 for three years

Stockholm University

Dept. of Social Anthropology
Researchers: Senior Lecturer Christer Norström
Project: Food as a metaphor for the past and the future among farmers in South India: the perception of food and food production in a fast changing world.
Area: India
Funding: SEK 2 100 000 for three years

Uppsala University

Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research
Researchers: Assistant Professor Kristine Höglund
Research Project: Peacemaking and Aid in Developing Countries: Nordic Involvement in Sri Lanka.
Area: Sri Lanka
Funding: SEK 2 000 000 for three years

International Maternal and Child Health (IMCH); Dept of Women's and Children's Health
Researchers: Professor Lars-Åke Persson (project coordinator)
Doctorate Project: The impact of violence against women on reproductive outcome and child survival. Studies in Nicaragua and Bangladesh.
Area: Bangladesh
Funding: SEK 600 000 for one year

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