Information on the Palme Linnaeus programme

South Asia related grants for the period 2003–2004

South Asia related grants for the period 2004–2005

South Asia related Linnaeus-Palme International Exchange Programme grants for the contract period 1 July 2002 – 30 June 2003:

The decisions on programme acticities were taken in the end of May, 2002. Grants were given to 146 different projects.
Here are the 21 programmes (and the counterparts in each programme) that were connected to South Asia:

Göteborg University:

Faculty of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy – Tribhuvan University, Nepal. 19 888 SEK

Högskolan Dalarna

Department of Energy, Environment and Construction (EEC) – Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India. 40 000 SEK

Jönköping University

School of Education and CommunicationUniversity of Pune, India. 147 805 SEK.

Kristianstad University

Department for Health SciencesOpen University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. 85 400 SEK

Karlstad University

Department for Social SciencesBenaras Hindu University. 50 000 SEK
Department for Teacher’s TrainingBenaras Hindu University. 101 800 SEK

Karolinska Institutet

Division for Reproductive and Perinatal Health/Department of Woman and Child HealthTrivandrum Medical College, India. 57 000 SEK
Department of NursingAga Khan University, Pakistan. 73 130 SEK
LäkarutbildningenTrivandrum Medical College, India. 98 263 SEK
LäkarutbildningenAga Khan University, Pakistan. 224 156 SEK
Institute of OdontologyAltamash Institute of Dental Medicine, Pakistan.

Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design

Department for TextilesNational Institute of Design (NID), India. 238 887 SEK

Linköping University

Faculty of Health SciencesPravara Medical College, India. 198 396 SEK

Stockholm Institute of Education

Department for Society, Culture and Learning (Institutionen för samhälle, kultur och lärande) – Ali Institute of Education (AIE), Pakistan

Stockholm University

Department for Social WorkCollege of Social Work, University of Mumbai, India. 276 252 SEK
Department of Political ScienceBenaras Hindu University, India. 48 084 SEK

Uppsala University

Department of GovernmentUniversity of Hyderabad. 46 063 SEK
Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and PharmacyChristian Medical College, India. 245 880 SEK

Örebro University

Department of Caring SciencesChristian Medical College, India. 106 063 SEK & 165 963 SEK. NOTE, two projects)
School of MusicMaharaja Sayairao University of Baroda, India. 106 168 SEK

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